Saddle of roe deer Baden Baden

From Sunday 17 September to Sunday 29 October

Let’s celebrate autumn with the delicious Saddle of deer Baden Baden!
Reserve your table to enjoy this speciality with its traditional side dishes.

CHF 70.- per person

Discover below the other hunting specialities that our Chef Luca Pari offers for the autumn season. We are waiting for you!

Hunting specialities

Venison first courses
Risottino with blueberries and Castelmagno cheeseCHF24.-
Papardelle with roe deer ragout and mushroomsCHF22.-
Venison main courses
Wild boar fillet marinated in juniper and pink pepper, pears in red wine, Brussels sprouts and currant jamCHF40.-
Racks of deer with porcini mushrooms, candied apples, pears with red wine and SpätzliCHF42.-
Secondi selvaggina
Saddle of roe deer Baden-Baden with spätzli and autumnal contour
(candied apples, pears in red wine, grapes in white wine, glazed chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, stewed red sauerkraut and currant jam)
Venison appetisers
Large platter of cold cuts and wild terrine with fruits and polenta croutonsCHF25.-
Carpaccio of roe deer with autumn salad, foie gras and balsamic jellyCHF18.-CHF25.-
Dry salted deer meat with Grana Padano, pomegranate and truffle oilCHF16.-CHF22.-
Roe deer ham and red deer salami with figs, currant and Bruschetta with Porcini mushroomsCHF24.-

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